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Hiab Hana Co., Ltd.
356, Taeseong-ri, Gangnae-myeon, Cheongwon-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do 363-893 Korea
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Heikki Ranta , President

Hiab Hana Co., Ltd.
Sea Cranes

Hiab Sea Crane

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Hiab Sea Crane

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 Model Number

HIAB 121

 Brand Name


Long experience
Hiab started to produce hydraulic knuckle cranes already back in the forties after inventing the hydraulic crane in 1944. Special HIAB Sea Crane development and supply started and since then have been used in demanding applications like lifting the space capsules after landing from the ocean already in the beginning of the Sixties.

Wide application alternatives
Coast guard vessels, work boats, tugs, supply ships, oil drilling platforms, support vessels, sub sea trenchers, ice breakers, dredgers, barges, research vessels, lighthouse service ships, fire fighting and oil pollution recovery vessels, cruise ships, navy ships, fishing boats, piers etc... you name it... HIAB sea Crane will provide the optimal solution for lifting.

Superb features
Wherever you find it in use, the HIAB Sea Crane does an unmatched job. High lifting capacity, durable protection against corrosion and long lifetime. With precise load handling, extra capacity at reduced reach, optional total overload protection, with or without SPACE system, little storage space required when folding the crane, tremendous work area coverage.

All thanks to the small parking place requirement and exceptional freedom of movement provided by the knuckle boom principle. The HIAB Sea Crane is outstanding in comparison with outdated Stiff Booms and Derricks. Through the past, now and in the future.

Designer convenient outfitting
HIAB Sea Cranes have capacities form 8 ton meters up to 40 ton meters. Special and other models are developed based on requests. Winches and hydraulic power packs and remote controls are all in the HIAB program, matched to the cranes. Ship Designer's HIAB Sea Crane Handbook is available in printed or in electronic format.

Specification HIAB 121-1 HIAB 121-2 HIAB 121-3
Lifting capacity 138KNm 133KNm 129KNm
Hydraulic outreach 7.4m 9.7m 12.0m
Hydraulic boom extension 2.18m 4.36m 6.54m
Lifting height above installation level 9.2m 11.5m 13.7m
Outreach-lifting capacity 2.45m/5,730kg
Recommended oil flow 40 l / min 40 l / min 40 l / min
Power needed at rec.oil flow 16kw 16kw 16kw
Working pressure 240 bar 240 bar 240 bar
Slewing angle 410' 410' 410'
Maximum working slope 7deg in full load capacity
Slewing torque, gross 31.6KNm 31.6KNm 31.6KNm
Slewing speed 8 deg/sec 8 deg/sec 8 deg/sec
Height in folded position 2,500mm 2,500mm 2,500mm
Width in folded position 3,005mm 3,150mm 3,360mm

Installation width needed

1,030mm 1,030mm 1,030mm
Weight : Crane in standard version 2,050kg 2,200kg 2,350kg

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